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Here are some recommendations of my work:

"Jamie is an exemplary psychotherapist whose knowledge of children, couples and family dynamics was recognized and applauded by all who worked with him ... His versatility, flexibility, creativity and collaborative skills have resulted in his being the kind of psychotherapist that clients can comfortably turn to for help and guidance."

"My teenage son has been meeting with James Copaken for a sometime now.  Copaken helped him navigate through some difficult times and is continuing to work with him.  We had worked with other providers, but this has proven to be the right match for our family. He has made a huge difference in our lives and has helped my son develop skills to better deal with life's challenges."

"Jamie is heavily involved in the community and often seen contributing in one way or another to mental health awareness and treatment ... He is welcoming and friendly, essential attributes for the work he does."

"Jamie has fabulous interpersonal skills and is great at building rapport with people to illicit a sense of comfort. Empathic, kind and good listener."

"Jamie is a thoughtful therapist and even though he is very experienced, he still maintains an approachable manner. He has high professional standards and I have enjoyed having mutual clients with him. I especially appreciate his ability to meet clients where they are, and yet encourage them to grow. Jamie has a wide variety of skills with families as well as individuals and would be an excellent choice for a therapist, especially with clients needing help with grief, loss and life transition issues."

"I have known Jamie Copaken since 2005 ... Jamie was then, and still is, a professional, intuitive, and intelligent man ... fair and reasonable, and very accommodating. As a Columbia graduate, Jamie is equipped to handle the most difficult situations with grace, encouragement, and the utmost confidentiality. I would not hesitate to ever recommend a family member, associate, or friend to use the professional services of Jamie Copaken!"

"James Copaken has worked with my family for two years now providing excellent support and guidance through some very difficult times. I would highly recommend him."

"Jamie is a very warm, compassionate and knowledgeable psychotherapist who works with all ages. As one of the few male therapists in the metroplex who works with children and adolescents, I find him to be one of my go-to referral sources. He is an advocate for his patients and isn't afraid to take on challenging cases. I recommend Jamie without hesitation."

"I've known Jamie Copaken for 15 years. He has an incredible gift in being able to talk to anyone, child or adult, and to work with him/her to understand and identify issues that need to be addressed and dealt with. His gift, education, and experience enable him to tailor design an approach that will work for that particular unique individual. He is steady, an excellent listener, bright, articulate, compassionate, and has always operated with the utmost integrity and professionalism. Jamie can help people solve problems in their lives, personal and professional, and their families. He brings light to a problem or situation in a way that no one else can. The psychotherapy field is lucky to have Jamie."

"In the years I worked with Jamie he was always sensitive and responsive. He respected others and was keenly able to see the unique individuality of each person - both colleague and client."

 "I have known Jamie for over fifteen years … His contributions are always well-researched, thoughtful and thorough. He brings professional insights that are key in developing strategies and initiatives to provide appropriate psychosocial support and outreach to patients and caregivers."

"I was delighted to find a male provider and very impressed with his subject-matter expertise and found that he was very well-spoken. I have and will continue to recommend Jamie as a resource."

"Jamie has a calm and relaxing style that allows him to connect well with clients … Good energy, great ideas. My interactions with him have been consistently positive."

 "Jamie is a well educated and experienced professional, who demonstrates high ethical standards in the practice of psychotherapy, as well as in collaborative work with colleagues."

"Jamie is a very caring therapist who is very patient centered. He collaborates well with others regarding diagnosis and course of treatment. I would not hesitate to refer him to anyone looking to refer a client or needing a therapist."


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